The Vooks Story

A new streaming platform. A new way to tell stories.

Vooks is unlike any streaming service available today. Why? It’s simple. We’re the only video platform dedicated to creating and streaming animated children‘s storybooks. By adding movement and sound to original storybook art, we create a new piece of online content that’s more than a children’s book, more than a digital short, and more than a video. It’s an entirely new way to tell stories.

Our mission is to transport stories off the page and transform children’s books into immersive experiences that promote literacy, imagination and fun for kids. We do so by combining the love, trust and safety of children’s books with the convenience of online streaming. We also take great care to stay true to an artist’s illustrations and text, ensuring the original intent shines through.

What makes Vooks truly special, however, is the peace of mind our 100% child-friendly, ad-free video platform offers. With Vooks, parents never have to worry about what their kids might see. Big, one-size-fits-all streaming services don’t—and can’t—guarantee children won’t stumble into content not intended for them. We can.

That’s because Vooks is:

  • 100% child-friendly
  • Completely ad-free
  • Always age-appropriate
  • True to children’s book content
  • Downloadable to watch anywhere

With a subscription to Vooks, families can take an entire library of animated children’s books with them anywhere, anytime. Parents can even download titles to watch offline, from long trips in the car, flights across country, to overnight stays at grandma’s house, parents will love keeping their kids entertained and engaged without lugging around countless physical books or resorting to hours of traditional screen time.

Children can watch or read along, as the story is read to them. Vooks brings storybooks to life.