Screen Time Starts Here

Hey parents,

We get it—screens are everywhere and difficult to avoid. The prevalence of screens and devices means that, as parents today, we live in a “new normal” that requires us to be extra intentional and thoughtful about our kids’ screen time options.

We understand the struggle because we’re parents, too (and boy, is the struggle real!). At the end of the day, we all want to feel good about what our kids are watching and how much they are consuming—to “choose better,” as it’s been put before. But what does “better” screen time actually look like?

Better screen time starts here.

At Vooks, we combine the high engagement of animated video with the literacy-building power of books, creating a new and enhanced read-aloud experience just for kids.Being read to at home is the single most important factor influencing early educational success for kids, and should be part of every child’s daily routine. But, as we all know, it can be so hard to get that read-aloud time in every day—jobs need to be worked, meals cooked, houses cleaned, and errands completed. With Vooks, your kids benefit from being read aloud to (win!) while you get the time you need without the guilt (double win!).

Guilt-free screen time starts here.

Using the power of animation, read-aloud narration, highlighted read-along text, and original music and sound effects, we bring your children’s favorite storybooks to life (kind of like magic!). Our thoughtful design supports reading comprehension, avoids overstimulation, and is built to engage young minds in a developmentally appropriate way.

Healthy screen time starts here.

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong love of reading—and we’re doing just that for millions of kids around the world. In fact,94% of teachers say Vooks gets their kids excited about reading.

Educational screen time starts here.

Unlike other streaming platforms, Vooks is completely ad-free and highly curated—you can feel good knowing that your child won’t stumble into inappropriate content or be bombarded with commercials. With our ever-growing library of 300+ books, your kids can have fun reading and watching their favorite stories, while picking up important values, life lessons, social emotional learning, and more along the way.

Safe, wholesome screen time starts here.

As you navigate this next phase in your child’s development, we’re here to help you choose better (and turn screen time into reading time!) with Vooks.

Screen time starts here.

Want to take the learning beyond the screen? It all starts with a great routine! Explore our Classroom Kits, which help you Build a Reading Routine, Build a Daily Writing Routine, and Build a Vocabulary Routine. Not just for teachers, Vooks Classroom Kits were developed by our education team to provide tools and strategies to establish daily routines that lead to academic success (available as both printed materials and digital downloads).