7 Ideas for How to Spend Your Extra Hour When Daylight Savings Ends

This Sunday marks the end of daylight savings. While the adjustment may wreak temporary havoc on little ones’ schedules, the upside is we gain an extra hour in our day! Here are 7 ideas for how to spend it:

1. Take in the great outdoors.

DO: Now is the perfect time to take in Mother Nature in her autumnal beauty using all of your five senses. From mountain hikes to backyard bonfires, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the season.

WATCHThe Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by…

Follow along as Robert Frost’s classic poem, “The Road Not Taken,” comes to life like never before with this beautiful and touching companion presentation.

2. Grow green in the garden.

DO: Just because the temps are dropping, it doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to do in the garden. Some would say there’s no better therapy than getting your hands in the dirt—why not give it a go?

WATCHUp in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

Planning, planting, and harvesting will take all year. But there are two sides to the story—what happens above, and what happens below. Come meet the incredible creatures who make our gardens their home, bring the world to life, and help the greenery around us grow.

3. Get cooking in the kitchen. 

DO: Fall’s delicious bounty has been harvested and now it’s time to feast! Whether it’s a new recipe you’ve been dying to try or an old favorite that’s become a yearly tradition, ’tis the season to heat things up!

WATCHCora Cooks Pancit

Cora loves being in the kitchen, though she always gets stuck with the kid jobs, like licking the spoon. But today, when her older siblings go out, Cora will finally get the chance to be Mama’s assistant chef. Mama even lets her pick which delicious Filipino dish she wants to make: pancit!

4. Learn a new language.

DO: Ok, ok, so you can’t learn a whole new language in just one hour, but you can get started and that’s half the battle! Maybe you’ve wanted to improve your Spanish, learn to code, or finally understand how to read music—what are you waiting for?

WATCHThe Solar System with/El sistema solar con Ellen

Come ride along with Ellen Ochoa—a real-life inspiration, and the first Latina astronaut—as she goes for a spin around our sun, moon, and planets. With all the incredible details she’s learned about our corner of the galaxy, you might be surprised to hear which planet is her favorite.

5. Spend quality time with the ones you love.

DO: Family time is the best time, if you ask us. Whether it’s the family you were born into or the family you choose (or four-legged family!), time spent surrounded by the people who make you feel at home is always time well spent.

WATCHBread Lab

It’s a sleepy Saturday morning for most people, but not for Iris. She has to feed her many pets before Aunt Mary arrives. Iris likes to call her Aunt Mary “Plant Mary,” because Aunt Mary is a plant scientist… and they’re about to turn Iris’s kitchen into a bread lab. 

6. Practice an old hobby or pick up a new one.

DO: You know that thing that makes your heart flutter and your soul dance and your whole being come alive? There never seems to be enough time to do those things that make us who we are. Now is the time.

WATCHMy Dog Thinks I’m a Genius

Every day before school, Louie’s owner paints a picture. Today, Louie might like to try his own paw at the canvas. A charming tale about a child and his pet, My Dog Thinks I’m a Genius celebrates the idea that to become an artist, one must simply choose to be one.

7. Get some well deserved R&R.

DO: Sometimes the best plans are absolutely no plans at all. Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season really begins, take this time to kick back, relax, and rest up—your body and mind will thank you!

WATCHOutside In

Once, we were part of Outside, and Outside was part of us. Now, Outside is kept out—so it reaches in. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the animals that snuggle in our spaces, Outside continues to cherish and sustain us. I’m here, Outside whispers. I miss you. And what will you answer in return?